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Hole Six is a Music & Art Team for all kind of events.

Energy, vitality and high level musicians grouped in eight different
bands for you to choose the option that best suits you.
The idea of offering bold solutions, an enriching international path
and the experience of all these years, have allowed us to create an
unique system which will bring to life whatever you desire for your
event, and wherever you want to.

We propose the perfect balance between the old and the new, always
with true mastery and elegance.


Hole Six group

We also provide all the necessary infrastructure: sound and lighting system, transport and stage material.

There´s no closed budget in Hole Six. We work in team with the clients so we can actually meet their expectations.

Hole Six is synonymous with confidence, enthusiasm and efficiency.

Our bands

Hole Six hole3

Three great musicians who alternate their instruments according to the style of each song and event. Perfect for small, cosy and intimate places.

Hole Six magic

Sensational band composed of four musicians and two exceptional singers that will bring joy and luxury to your event. Pure dynamite on stage!

MAXI hole six

An impressive audiovisual performance, unique and as thrilling as you like. You will be the designer of your show: music, screening, dance troupe, circus… Anything is possible, it’s up to you!

Hole Six Acoustique

Our songs in it’s most natural and
intimate version.
The great hits in acoustic format will caress
your ears taking the purest scents in music
to you.

Hole Six Le Donne

Women in Hole Six come together in a strong female combo. Powerful and stunning!

Hole Six Jazz

Our most sophisticated version. Jazz, swing,
bossa nova…
Discover how far we can take your lifelong
music hits.

Hole Six Allegro

Sensitivity and grace played by classical instruments. Flute, guitar, violin and voice. A pleasure for the senses.

Hole Six Atomik

The greatest hits sound authentic and blazing played by this electric quartet. The perfect choice if you want intensity but not a bigger format.

Dj Live so the music doesn't stop





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